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Past work and their stories


Grandmas vase

Brief: A beloved 1930's vase that belonged to my client's grandma was knocked off the shelf by her equally beloved cat.  She wanted the shards recreated into a mirror that still had the "feel" of the original vase.

Pictured here with an identical vase found by my customer while on holiday.


    Cactus garden sculptures

    Brief: Two double sided cacti made from a mixture of vintage, antique china and tiles.  implanted into the lawn, positioned amongst other sculptures in the  client's front garden.


      Garden table

      Brief: The client had bought morocco inspired tesserae with the intention to redo this table themselves. The table top had some rust so I treated that first then arranged the tesserae around. In the centre I included a willow pattern plate and some Woods Ware. I don't usually work with tesserae tiles but was very happy with the end result with the added pique assiette centre.

        Crab mosaic bistro table

        Brief: The client had a plain bistro table that he wanted suitable for his West country home. I created this crab from Pottery firing rejects and retro china. 


          Mothers china into a memorial heart

          Brief: The client wanted her mothers china incorporated in a hanging heart that retained the feel of the china and memories she had as a child.

          Grandma's china into three garden bird plaques 

          Brief: The client wanted her Grandma's  china (previously stored in the attic) made into one free standing bird and two hanging birds for her garden fence. The client had used the teacups to plant up succulents in  and the birds would be displayed with them. They are in full view of the kitchen window so when she is washing up she would remember her Grandma.


          mosaic iron side table

          Brief: The client wanted her iron side table removed of rust and given a mosaic finish using pinks, greens and blue vintage and antique china. 

          cracktpotty cat plaque

          Brief:  The client wanted me to create a cat plaque for his cat loving friend. I had a lot of fun making him from vintage and antique china. This style of mosaic is now part of my repertoire.

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